Winter fairytale with free child places in Bulgaria


Presenting a fairytale to the children in the real life is what many parents long to do for their offspring. A family winter vacation represents one of the best chances to fulfill a dream of that kind for the adults and the kids in the kin altogether. But since the youngsters are there to enjoy, their mama and papa are the ones to meet the expenditure weight. The payments often happen to cause quite a headache to the parents so hardly anyone would turn down the chance for free child places.


In Bulgaria, such opportunity is available at the main ski resorts. The country ranks high in the table of the most affordable choices for winter vacations but saving, even more, isn’t a benefit to run from. Bansko comes out with the longest list of hotels providing free child places for the snowy season. At least 10 lodgings in the Pirin mountain town bear the „Free Kids“ logo – the eponymous hotel Bansko puts the sign on the door to welcome families from all around. Among the attractive alternatives of the best Bulgarian complex for skiing Hotel Strazhite, Hotel Perun Lodge, and St. Ivan Rilski also appear as available choices.


Located only one-hour away from the biggest airport in the country – Sofia, Borovets costs less in terms of transport but isn’t that cheap overall. The oldest winter resort in the country anyway provides several choices for a stay in with free child places included. Hotel Rila stands in the footsteps of the eponymous mountain, the highest on the Balkans, and comes with options for a reduced price for families. The same applies for famous lodgings in the area such as Iglika Palace and Iceberg. Significant discounts of the lift passes and equipment hire add to the number of reasons to choose Borovets.


Pamporovo is often regarded as the most friendly ski resort in Bulgaria. The sunny weather undoubtedly adds to that image but also do all the great price combos for the adults and their offspring. On the list of the hotels bearing the „Free Kids“ logo appear the names of houses like Snezhanka and Rhodopi.


Don’t forget to check the flights


Must say that the free child places are granted if a pair of parents book a full fare stay – then a kid in the age span between 2 and 11 isn’t charged. A second minor in the kin can also use a reduction in the cost of the reservation. And what is even more important to mention is that the availability is linked to the bookings on charter flights to Bulgaria. If the tribe happens to be bigger anyway, the kid Number Three is a subject of the adult charge.


The deals for family vacations are here on your attention. The child booked for a free place is charged for Air Passenger Duty as well as a fee for ATOL protection. Don’t be annoyed if the free child place happens to be initially charged – a deposit is required in most cases and the sum is deducted later from the total invoice.