How to pack light when you travel to Nessebar, Bulgaria

A lot of excitement precede the long-awaited summer vacation and… some headache too. Packing up for the travel is not an experience many people love to go through. If you put up all the stuff you might be in need of, the bags might be too heavy – to wear it around and to be available for charge free transfer with your flight. If you start to light up the luggage, you always risk to miss something out that might be necessary if you embark on a week-long (or longer) trip. There are places where you need to bring lots of bags with you. But opting up to spend the summer break in Nessebar, Bulgaria might be a lucky pick – one that definitely allows you to pack lightly for the travel.


Book a package deal to pack a lighter luggage


That type of advice might work well for you. While you can’t go on without a sufficient number of clothes, the suitable accommodation allows you to leave some stuff at home because you will have the opportunity for a quality substitution. There are different types of deals available at the Nessebar hotels but wishing to bring fewer bags with you it wouldn’t make sense to opt for the self-catering type. Yes, the basic prices of the latter accommodation kind look like being the cheapest option for Nessebar holidays but when you add what you need to spend on food, the calculation might turn out to be more expensive than the half-board or the all-inclusive booking.


In any case, you don’t bring your favoritе snacks in the luggage traveling to Bulgaria – Nessebar is well supplied with most of the goods a western tourist will find in a store in France or Spain even if the brands might differ. Taking gallons of water or any kind of drink wouldn’t make any sense if you like to avoid the overload. While the tap water around the Black Sea isn’t always good to drink, the bottled water is everywhere and is a lot cheaper than in Western Europe and Great Britain. The local beer cost less than 1 Euro per pint (or 0,5 l what is the standard measure in the country) and about 2 Euro in the pub or the restaurant.


What else can you leave at home when packing up for Nessebar, Bulgaria? Maybe the sun protection. It’s that you don’t need it – the sun is hot on the Black Sea in the July and August so putting on a lotion should be taken seriously as well as hiding under the parasol. But such products are easy to be found in the stores around the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria and usually cost a smaller amount of money. The same applies to the sunbed and the parasol – you won’t think of bringing such heavy and voluminous objects anyway. Have in mind before you head for holidays to Nessebar, Bulgaria that in most cases you have to pay to use the seat and the shade on the beach – approximately 6 Euro per day. Some Nessebar hotels have their reserved areas on the sand strip but you have to ask in advance does your room go with the beach chair included.


Take a book or two

Or better use your Kindle to have something to read. And better leave the laptop if you don’t have some job to do with it. Wait, you are on vacation, right? So give it a break, you will plenty of things to do at the time of your Nessebar holidays. If you haven’t heard about it – but you probably are – the Old Town is the main sightseeing area in the resort. Seen from a long distance it might remind of an island bit this small section is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip. Most of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria are situated in the modern part of the town but the ancient zone is on a walking distance from any place you would choose to book a stay in. The walk around the Old Town might last a whole day in the longer version when visiting every object with no hurry and taking a break in some of the taverns there for a lunch.


And once again, if you like to watch a movie, the laptop might not be a necessary thing to take with. In most of the Nessebar hotels, there is a cable or even satellite television with multi-lingual channels. There are also cinemas in this area in Bulgaria – Nessebar isn’t the only zone of high touristic demand there, the increasingly popular Sunny Beach is less than ten minutes away and the whole area offers a lot of amusement options for the guests.


But why do you have to cut off the luggage?


Assuming that there is only a cabin bag included in your ticket, you really need to pack light. But the Balkan Holidays deals almost with no exception go together with the hold luggage. The most of the offers to book some of the hotels in Nessebar, Bulgaria include 20 kg bag per person on the flight so actually, it’s not necessary to cut off so much the clothes, or the books, or the electronic devices. Just pick the baggage object wisely so you would not miss something valuable and important for you during the summer vacation on the Black Sea.


It doesn’t mean that the excess is recommended – bringing to much stuff will not make your Nessebar holidays better. Or worse. It’s not the things that actually compose for the great seaside experience. You need a good weather, a nice beach with warm water, an affordable and comfortable suit to stay in and interesting activities in and around the resort. In Bulgaria, Nessebar has it all.