Bulgaria’s Most Underrated Beaches

Having already visited Bulgaria for a summer vacation, you have probably come along some of the most famous beaches like Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. If you are about to choose the Black Sea country for the first time soon, picking these resorts will be a safe bet. But even defeated by many miles by its southern neighbors Greece and Turkey – in terms of coastline actually by several thousand miles, Bulgaria still can charm the tourists with some glorious seaside sand strips. And at least a dozen beaches beside the top sites should be on your radar.


Yet, once again, the first thing you have to have in mind, is to answer the following question?


Is it your first time on the Black Sea?


Or you come back to Bulgaria after a satisfying experience in the last year or some previous seasons? Being a first-timer opting for some of the most popular opportunities for holidays in Bulgaria – Golden Sands, Albena, Nessebar, Sunny Beach, might be the safe bet. Especially if your stay is booked through the network of the most trusted tour operator in the region that guarantees the best conditions for a budget accommodation. And still with a reservation in a hotel in Sozopol or Golden Sands Bulgaria provides the possibility to reach unknown and largely underrated beaches in the vicinity of the resort you rest in.


With less than 400 km of total coastline the country surprises its guests with the number of nice places near the sea – a number exceeding the expectations of those who aren’t aware of the Black Sea beauty and fineness. The Bulgarian happens to be literally divided in two by the Stara Planina range (or Balkan – the mountain that gave the name of the whole region). The southern area expectedly is warmer and provides with more sandy beaches.


The North answers with dazzling sights and calmness


A strong proof of that can be sensed even in the case of following the mainstream with Golden Sands holidays. The beach of the resort is among the greatest on the Black Sea with 8 km long strip and the view above worth the walk and the climb to the heights of the eponymous natural park. It was that area called first Golden Sands before the seaside recreational area was built.


Likewise, in the northern section of the Bulgarian coastline, the hilly landscape is a common picture. Kamen Bryag and the area around Cape Kaliakra have been favorites among the camping oriented vacationers but the rocky land of these sites wouldn’t everybody. But when residing in Golden Sands or Albena, it won’t hurt you to travel about one hour or less to visit some of the most beautiful places on the Black Sea.


Looking for the sandy beaches you can drive as far up north as Durankulak. This odd name standing for the area near the border with Romania isn’t a common choice even for local people but is preferred by tourists who try to stay away from the noise and the buzz as far as possible. Next going south is still quite remote from the mainstream but more popular being a traditional destination for school kids groups – Krapetz. The village has preserved a scent of the distinctive charisma of the old fishermen villages – a few of this kind remain untouched by the modernity on the Black Sea.


Much closer to Varna and Golden Sands Bulgaria hosts one of the palaces on its territory which was built by the order of foreign ruling personality. The place is Balchik and the royal residence was a favorite site for rest of the queen of Romania almost one century ago when this area has been included within the state borders of the northern neighbor. Actually, it is the town deserving the visit – a gorgeous botanic garden is to be found there too, while the beach isn’t that special.


But the sand strip of the Shkorpilovtzi village is special – it’s the longest on the Bulgarian coastline. 12 km – enough space to stick the parasol and spend a whole day on this peaceful location. Wilder beaches like Irakli and Karadere are situated north of Stara Planina too but through the years grew in fame among campers and hippies so these areas are not so quiet anymore.


The passion burns in the south


Sunny Beach is the most prominent seaside resort in Bulgaria as a whole and even the Golden Sands holidays fall behind in the competition in the last decade. The party goes on louder in the southern part and besides Slanchev Bryag there are several great destinations for your trip.


And speaking of underrated beaches, a traveler like this should try moving south of Bourgas – the zone around Sunny Beach and Nessebar became increasingly crowded recently (for holidays in Bulgaria Golden Sands look like a calmer option). Sozopol rarely experiences the lack of enough people on the beach within the town but outside only a few miles away Smokinya offers a much better environment to the tourists.


Driving even further to the south and a little sideways of the main road you can find the beach of Arapya. Located in the vicinity of Tsarevo, this area can be described as a sufficient enough to provide the guests with everything needed. Many people love Lozenetz too and think of it as e hidden treasure. Not that hidden, actually, especially in the last couple of years.


The southernmost region around the Black Sea in Bulgaria is the area of Strandzha range and the sands strips happen to be enclosed by old and protected zone of forests. The beaches in Sinemoretz and close to the village like Silistar might be considered underrated indeed but the appeal for these sites grow year after year.


So even skipping Albena, Nessebar or Golden Sands, Bulgaria still charms its guests with some old tradition or with the sense of freedom and carelessness on some of the least popular beaches.