Borovets ski resort – the place to take first skiing lessons

Thousands of people every year make their first skiing or snowboarding attempts. Unfortunately, some of them give up too fast – sometimes the place where they have chosen to start might not be the most suitable for the purpose. The slopes might be too hard for the beginners or the teachers not really good. Such things have the potential to make the enthusiasm of the rookie to vanish into thin air. So, picking the right destination is essential for the newbie. There are dozens of suitable choices around Europe, and one of the most affordable is to book Borovets ski holidays. The reviews online confirm the overall satisfaction of the customers who had their first skiing experience in the oldest Bulgarian resort of the country.


You have to pay for the tuition, so you need cheaper accommodation!

Borovets ski resort 2018For the debut on the slopes, you don’t have to book a fancy resort because you will hardly get the best of it in the sporting sense. Well, if you are about the luxury more than the skiing experience, go on and spend a fortune. And have in mind that making a reservation for Borovets ski holidays you will pay two or three times less for the room with Balkan Holidays and the quality of the most prominent hotels meets the European standard on every level.

And since you’re a first-timer, the very start of the tuition might happen literally in your hotel’s backyard. No, it’s not a joke. There are Green type runs that end up right at the door of some of the more prominent houses on the territory of Borovets ski resort. So you don’t have to go far in the beginning if you don’t want to or if your teacher’s agenda puts emphasis on other routes. For example, if Borovets snow report happens to be more favorable at the highest levels and near the main resort the weather turns to be warmer, there is a beginner run in the Markudjika group, named Suhar. You can reach it using the lift.


What makes Borovets ski holidays suitable for rookies?

Hotel Chamkoria Borovets
Hotel Chamkoria Borovets

In a nutshell – the tradition and the quality of the ski schools. Speaking of Bulgaria skiing, Borovets is the oldest place to be explored and developed for that purpose. Once known as Chamkoriya (Turkish word for “Pinewood”), started in the late 19th century, the Rila Mountains zone reached to World Cup levels in the second part of the last century. It might be overshadowed by Bansko in recent years. Still, Borovets ski resort has not only rich history but all the condition to welcome its guests by today’s highest standards.

And now the schools. They say that if you look for to explore Bulgaria skiing, Borovets is the place to start from. Especially if you are absolute beginners. More than ten clubs for tuition operate in the area, and by the evaluation of both locals and rivals, some of the greatest teachers in skiing and snowboarding skills work on the territory of the most traditional Bulgarian winter destination. The crucial role of the tutor is something not everyone appreciates. The person who will show you the first moves and who knows where to lead you looking only the Borovets snow report might determine your skiing future. If the teacher is too hard on his pupils, some of them might give up too soon. A newbie usually needs more attention from the one who guides and supervises. The reviews regarding Borovets ski holidays as a highly suitable destination to learn ski confirm that Rila slopes wait for the skiing “virgins” to make them love the mountain and the sport.

Get the first-timers pack!

Back to the budget line. You might not be too familiar with what the racer needs besides the cozy suite at the hotel. The newbie (and everyone else, of course) have to be fully equipped, and since it is the first try, it’s better to hire than to buy. Every skier or snowboarder needs the lift pass to get to the top slopes. Adding the tuition, it might look that it will cost a lot. Not when it comes to Bulgaria skiing – Borovets undoubtedly is friendly even to those who wish to save money and yet enjoy the winter break. The first-timer pack available through Balkan Holidays service costs less than 180 GBP even in the high season. It includes everything – the boot & ski hire (you have to wear your own clothes anyway), the lift pass and the tuition for 6 days. Isn’t it a bargain?


You might wonder if Borovets ski holidays worth to come with the kids – yes, it is! The prices for the children are significantly lower, including the lift pass and the schools. It has to be pointed out that Borovets ski resort provides special offers for the young people – the age 14-22 usually is considered Adult at most of the winter destinations, but not here. And no matter the age of the child you can trust the teachers on the slopes of the oldest skiing zone in the country.