Why the Biggest Myths About Bansko Ski Resort May Actually Be Right 

Arguably, Bansko happens to be the most popular winter resort in the heart of the Balkans in the past decade. And indeed, there are lots of myths concerning Bansko ski holidays since the place gains increasing fame. While some of the stories said about the leading Bulgarian snowy destination might be exaggerated, and there is always kind of hyperbole when it comes to describing the vacation experience, the most of the well-known facts are actually truthful.


Bansko ski resort indeed is one of the cheapest

It even ranked the list being the most affordable winter destination for seven years in a row. Leader no more speaking of the last season, the most prominent Bulgarian mountainous recreation area still provides noticeably good value for the money. Make sure you visit the website of Balkan Holidays for more irresistable offers. Middle-aged Bulgarians might tell a different story about the town in the old days back in the 20th century when the prices were even lower. But back then there was no such thing as Bansko ski holidays because the winter sports zone was primarily developed at the turn of the centuries. So it’s not as cheap as it was back in the day, but still more budget-oriented than 99 percent of the winter resorts in Europe.


The crowds at the lift make no myth

It is true that in the high season sometimes the tourists have to wait for an hour or more to buy a lift pass at the Gondola station. There is an ongoing argument about the construction of a second cabin line, and the solution is not to be seen soon, unfortunately. Booking through Balkan Holidays will save you from the time-wasting. The Bansko ski holidays deal definitely worth to combine the accommodation with the full-ski pack. If it is crowded at the footsteps, isn’t it too busy on the slopes? In some areas of the resort before noon in January, it is. But with more than 75 km tracks for Alpine skiing and cross-country Bansko ski resort can endure even in the busiest days.


The season lasts for a quarter of the year

basnko resort bulgariaThis one might turn out to be a myth indeed if the winter happens to be milder. Usually, Bansko snow report is favorable for skiers and snowboarders from the beginning of December until after mid-March. Even if natural snowfall occurs to be scarce, there are more than 150 cannons charged to cover the slopes with fresh powder. All it needs to have powder without interruptions is a constant daily average temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, or at least not too high above it during the day. Bansko snow report is particularly good in January and February, and there is no wonder that the demand for this time of the year hits rooftop.


Magaluf on ice

Such a claim has been made about several different winter destinations across Europe. Compared to the wild nightlife of Ibiza-based Magaluf area, such fame is a little bit too much for Bansko ski holidays. It is true that the small town located in the footsteps of Pirin Mountain has been a party favorite place for local people long before it became winter sports zone. The development of Bansko ski resort increased the emphasis on the après-ski, and the nightlife is vibrant and colorful. And still, it is an overstatement to call it Magaluf on ice.


The excellent cuisine is not a legend

banski-starets meals in bansko
Banski staretz


No matter how great Bansko snow report can be, the vacation would not be so wonderful in its entirety, if you miss tasting the local specialties. Order Kapama, or Banski Staretz if you love meat – you will enjoy it. If you prefer veggie food, then it is Kombari with Kazhel (potatoes with sauerkraut) you should taste.