Best beaches around Golden Sands for Nature Lovers

It’s impossible to make everybody happy at once, at the same time, in the same place. A plain example – some would feel alive when performing under pressure, while the same manner and rhythm would make other unhappy. So when it comes to the summer vacation, different people love to spend in a different way. One man loves the beach party, another hates the noise and looks for a more deserted and less crowded area for the hot season break. Opting for holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands might a good pick for both cases somehow.


The main resort of the country’s coastline north of the Balkan mountains welcomes the guests with all the modern condition of accommodation. But not far away from the Golden Sands beach, a traveler might be lucky to find several beautiful seaside places which popularity among the mass of the tourists is relatively low so these zones rarely happen to be densely populated even in the heat of the summer. So if you don’t feel ready to go camping around the Black Sea but you still look for a quiet manner to spend the summer break, there is an option when booking the holidays in Bulgaria – Golden Sands can give you the best of both worlds to some extent.


Sleeping in a tent will cost less, indeed


But the Black Sea has gained popularity thanks to the cheap accommodation. Looking for the options in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels delivers affordable picks to the travelers from east and west. Booking the half-board type of the 3-star categories for less than 350 GBP per person for a whole week definitely makes the list of the budget-oriented summer deals.


It is a safe bet in any case – you might change your mind and decide to spend to most of your time on the golden beach of Zlatni Pyasatsi as the resort is known in the native language. But you may also have a good breakfast among the one Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels you have chosen from and then go on a trip to find your unexpected oasis on the Black Sea.


Which way to go


Considering the possibility for holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands tops the list of the destinations on the northern part of the country’s coastline. The Bulgarian coastal length is less than 400 km so you can visit and check any spot on the western shores of the Black Sea but if you wish to reach it faster don’t go south of the Balkan mountains. Any place north of Stara Planina as the range is called now is within reach from the Golden Sands beach for not more than an hour and a half drive.


Nature lovers will probably fall in love with the places the more they go to the north. Durankulak is the last resort literally before the border with Romania and this largely desolate place is still a favorite site for those who prefer to be alone around the sea. A little south of this area the traveler will find Krapetz – a small village with a dazzling and peaceful beach. Have in mind once again that you wouldn’t have to ride along by the sea in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels stand just an hour away from that area which is one of the most fascinating on the Black Sea and is still unknown largely even by Bulgarians.

Driving back south to the golden beach of Golden Sands, the traveler might stop at places like Shabla, Ezeretz, or Rusalka.


If you think these names are hard to pronounce then try with…


wait for it… Ikantalaka! Wow! But except for being a tongue-twister, this gorgeous beach has been recognized as one of the most beautiful on the Bulgarian share of the Black Sea even if the sand strip is really narrow. Located in the area of Cape Kaliakra, the beach faces a strong competition in the much lighter to pronounce Bolata. The latter is a small beach set in a small bay which is among the favorite sites of the Bulgarian tourists who prefer the northern coastline. Even for those who come only for holidays in Bulgaria, Golden Sands stands as a close starting point to reach Bolata.


It is great to visit the small town of Balchik, but the beach is not exactly for the nature lovers type. The closer a traveler comes to the Golden Sands beach, the chance to find some desolate area becomes smaller. The biggest competition on the northern coastline of the country in Bulgaria Golden Sands hotels faces in Albena which is only half an hour away. The same is the distance – this time to the south, to the biggest Bulgarian city on the Black Sea – Varna. So looking for other less populated and preserved beaches you should go away from the urban area. The first beach is actually really close to Varna from the south side and its name is Galata.


Here comes probably the most underestimated zone of the Bulgarian coastline. Considering the holidays in Golden Sands,Bulgaria will bring you closer to some totally unexpected and largely unknown pearls of the Black Sea such as Pasha dere, Kamchiya (the area is actually popular among the Russian tourists), and – here comes another tongue-twister – Shkorpilovtsi. Just before you start to climb the Balkan mountains there is a chance to turn left to the offroad before entering the town of Byala – it will lead you to one of the Bulgarian camper’s sweethearts, Karadere.


But don’t miss the golden beach


Golden Sands beach has been named like this for a reason. The sand strip is long, wide and clean and is embraced by a beautiful natural park bearing the same name. Stopping in Bulgaria, Golden Sands hotels might be the starting points of great exploration and travel.