Balkan Holidays summer offers…and other benefits!

What would the perfect summer vacation be like? While the answer to that question might vary depending on who you ask, we can guess that there are several ingredients that almost everyone would put into the basket. A nice beach, a warm weather with no rainy days, a good place to stay that doesn’t cost much and lots of fun during the holidays. Some would prefer to go the mountains actually to avoid all the buzz. But for those who prefer the sea and want those things mentioned included probably Sunny Beach, Bulgaria represents one of the greatest options in Europe.


Summer 2018 comes with a bang!


Don’t get it wrong – it’s not about the shooting that occurred in Slanchev Bryag in early June. Sadly, such tragedies happen everywhere and sometimes are not the easiest to be predicted. But overall going to Bulgaria, Sunny Beach is a safe bet. In terms of security, there are resorts in Europe considered safer but no place beats Sunny Beach holidays when it comes to affordability. Checking the deals made available by Balkan Holidays it’s on display why the leading Bulgarian seaside town tops the rankings of the best ratio of money spent for the quality of the service and the vacation. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria has been rated as the best-valued summer destination on the globe in a survey conducted by Post Office in 2017.


The proof is on a glance when you go through the Balkan Holidays offers. The tour operator with the highest reputation in the region provides a wide spectrum of opportunities for accommodation starting as low as 164 GBP per person for a week. No, there is no typo here – this a real price for full 7 days to be paid by one individual. So this is the reason you won’t miss to notice the deals available at the Sunny Beach hotels.


What type of suit do you need?


Mentioning these numbers, it is absolutely necessary to point that behind the lowest prices in the list of Balkan Holidays stand the options for self-catering accommodation. It is not some kind of hidden agenda, you can see it instantly. But if you don’t, have it in mind – booking these rooms you will have no food included in the deal. If you prefer to eat outside and have no special daily meal schedule, it might not bother you so much.


But most of the people who would consider going for holidays to Bulgaria, Sunny Beach have to welcome them at least with a breakfast in the hotel they stay in. For a price ranging around 250 and 300 GBP you can find some great options here. Starting the day with a meal or a sandwich, with a coffee or a tea, or a juice – depending on your preferences, is a good way to prepare for the beach experience. They say that Sunny Beach weather is hot enough in the high season so it’s even better not to eat much for lunch. That’s why the half-board type of accommodation might be picked – fill your belly at the breakfast table and then take only a light snack around noon if you need any food at all in the heat. But don’t forget to drink lots of water or other non-alcoholic beverages to avoid dehydration.


And be careful how long you stay in the sun. The Sunny Beach weather favors a great vacation since the days with rain and clouds are rare in July and August. The temperature of the water is high enough so no one would chill in there but don’t risk getting exposed too much without sun protection. The average numbers reach beyond the 25 degrees Celsius line but in the middle of the day, it might get as hot as 35 degrees! So stay under the parasol and use a lotion if you feel like staying all day on the sand. Sunny Beach holidays gain so much fame in the recent years because of the 8 km long seaside strip but for at least one more thing too.


The fun never ends in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria!


Yes, the summer really goes with a bang on of the Black Sea’s best-known resorts. They call the Balkan Ibiza and thousands of young party people head to this place for this exact reason. The Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife have brought even more fame to the once small village than the great beach and the affordable rooms. The cheap booze is to be found easily which actually causes great concerns sometimes when teenagers and young adults lose the measure of how much they can stand.


The clubs and bars can be spotted all around the most famous Bulgarian seaside resort. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife is a popular choice for both local and foreign visitors. A variety of open pubs and discos is situated on the sand and near the waters. The notorious Cacao Beach is the main attraction for the party people and for the last decade or so it hosted the shows of internationally recognized electronic artists such as Fatboy Slim, DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Josh Wink to name only a few of those who have hit the gig on the Black Sea shore.


Other famous venues of the Sunny Beach, Bulgaria nightlife are clubs like Bedroom. Alibi, Bubbles, La Cubanita, etc. A place to have fun and pour a couple of drinks is to be found no further than a few yards out of your hotel. Yes, for the sake of truth there were complaints of too much noise in some occasions. So the local authority puts some effort in the attempts to minimize the negative effects of the loud nights in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. So this summer there are prospects for quieter nights for those who like to rest but the party animals won’t be hurt a bit. And for both types, there are always some surprising benefits coming with the vacation on the Black Sea.