Which is better TSA PreCheck or Global Entry?

If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably heard about the Trusted Traveler Programs already. Depending on your citizenship, you can choose between Global Entry, Nexus or Sentri. All of the programs are specially designed for people who travel often internationally. On the other side, the department of Homeland Security has developed another separateRead More

Excellent Pamporovo experience in 2019 – check it out now!

Set high in the Rhodope Mountain in the delightful Bulgarian countryside, Pamporovo ski resort is among the best budget options for a winter-sport holiday on the Balkans. With its traditional stone cottages, lush meadows and forests, the place has a lovely pastoral character. As one of the southmost ski resorts in Europe, Pamporovo enjoys plenty of sunRead More

Best beaches around Golden Sands for Nature Lovers

It’s impossible to make everybody happy at once, at the same time, in the same place. A plain example – some would feel alive when performing under pressure, while the same manner and rhythm would make other unhappy. So when it comes to the summer vacation, different people love to spend in a different way.Read More

Sunny Beach - Balkan Holidays

Balkan Holidays summer offers…and other benefits!

What would the perfect summer vacation be like? While the answer to that question might vary depending on who you ask, we can guess that there are several ingredients that almost everyone would put into the basket. A nice beach, a warm weather with no rainy days, a good place to stay that doesn’t costRead More

bulgaria underrated beaches

Bulgaria’s Most Underrated Beaches

Having already visited Bulgaria for a summer vacation, you have probably come along some of the most famous beaches like Golden Sands or Sunny Beach. If you are about to choose the Black Sea country for the first time soon, picking these resorts will be a safe bet. But even defeated by many miles byRead More

Winter fairytale with free child places in Bulgaria

  Presenting a fairytale to the children in the real life is what many parents long to do for their offspring. A family winter vacation represents one of the best chances to fulfill a dream of that kind for the adults and the kids in the kin altogether. But since the youngsters are there toRead More